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poe currency of Ancient Reliquary kay

The Poe Ancient Reliquary is an area that is accessible by placing an Ancient Reliquary Key inventory Ancient Reliquary Key in a map device. This area is exclusive to the Legacy league and does not have any Atlas completion marks.
The area contains no monsters and a single Legacy Relic Relic Vault, which contains one to three Relic Ancient Reliquary need a poe currency kay start a 2.6.0d.

The Legacy Challenge League is set to begin in nine days! In our announcement, we mentioned that players may find a special item that allows them to travel to a new area: the Ancient Reliquary. Today's news post expands on how the Reliquary works and what kind of items you might be lucky enough to find there!

Throughout the game, the key has a low chance to drop. When put into your Map Device, it opens a portal into the Ancient Reliquary. Once inside, you'll find a large chest that contains a Relic; a special version of a Unique item with its original balance values intact. These …

Path of exile Patch Notes from 2.6.0b to 2.6.0g

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Path of exile 2.6.0g Patch Notes
Fixed an issue where the Purple Arc Effect did not work on Vaal Arc.
Fixed an issue where PvP loading screens showed 6 vs 6 matches for 3 vs 3 events.
Fixed an issue with the Character Sheet display with Area of Effect still including "Radius".
Fixed an issue where Prophecies with side areas would fail to spawn in areas with forced Stone Circles.

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Path of Exile Content Update 2.6.0 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes
Fixed some issues with walkability being blocked in the Forge of the Phoenix map.
Fixed a bug where after a league merge, it was possible to get into a bad state where some Shaper's Orbs could never drop
Fixed a bug where the the lighting environment could be incorrect after completing a Zana mission inside another map.
Fixed a bug where Ball Lighting would sometimes play its audio a second time before it expires.
Fixed further issues with fog of war visibility on the Atlas screen.
Fixed a bug with the Ancient Ruins where inaccessible monsters could spawn, occasionally making certain Master missions impossible.
Fixed a bug where Labyrinth/Trial traps would do too much damage to you if your energy shield was protecting your mana instead of your life.
Phase Run now cancels properly if a channelling skill renews
Fixed an issue where Shield Charge had two separate damage modifiers at gem level 2 and above, which displayed as "Deals 50% base damage, Deals 101.2% of base …