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POE 3.0 Templar Build Sidefx Mjolner Velocity - Clear maps like a god!

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POE 3.0 Templar Build 100% Conversion ethereal elemental eviscerator

Howdy folks, welcome to my first PoE build guide!

2.Raw Numbers
3.Pros & Cons
4.Recommended uniques
8.Gem links
10.Things worth trying maybe
11.Special Thanks


So in the 3.0 beta I was very interested in testing out a Life-based EK nova character, I started out as a pathfinder, which is maybe better depending on your budget, and unique flask changes in 3.0 but without the access to items that really make pathfinder shine like Vinktars, I decided to make a tree for Elementalist, Raider, Assassin, and Inquisitor. Elementalist seems comparable in damage, but a lot clunkier, Raider, and Assassin just didn't impress me with their numbers, so I landed on inquisitor which I feel could be a very strong league starter for 3.0, especially with threshold jewels confirmed to be able to be purchased from a vendor!

2.Raw Numbers

Here's my tree any my PoB import and the numbers you might be interested in.

PoB Pastebin (level 100 tree)
173% l…

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POE 3.0 Marauder Build Rompe's BowZerker

Hey fellow exiles. This is my first guide so far. I started playing in early beta and spend quite some hours on poe. This league i wanted to give the bleed mechanic another chance.
With the introduction of the new bleed mechanics and the chance to bleed support gem i came up with the idea of an bow-berzerker.
Yesterday i hit level 90 and did some endgame content and it worked out pretty ok so i wanted to share my build.
Basically i am getting all the phys and bleed nodes on the tree, threw in a lioneyes fall jewel, equipped a 1c lioneyes glare and a 1c drillneck. The most expensive items i have right now ist probably my corrupted 6-link and the +2 TS Helmet.

In general the build is very very cheap and can easily do content up to t12.

For HC i would porbably do a little bit more defensive approach and aim for 8k+ life!

I will try to do all endgame content and upgrade my gear over time.
So far killed all Corrupted Guardians and Atziri. Shaper and uber atziri next.

The converted T…

POE 3.0 Shadow Build Burning Fire Trap - Set It and Forget It - Tinkerskin - 10c Starting Budget - SC/HC

+We can scale DoT with Tricker's new Swift Killer changes: 5% DoT per frenzy and power charge
+We use the huge burning damage changes like the Holy Fire node, Searing Touch and Pyre to scale the burning ground damage
+Orb of Storms to proc Elemental Overload and cast Flammability
+We use Hair Trigger jewels for efficient 2 nodes of dmg and trigger radius
+Flame Surge trap for single target. Flame Surge gets a 50% MORE multiplier against burning enemies which is applied with Fire Trap's burning ground

+We can use our es and decent mana pool, from Weave the Arcane [25% increased Maximum Mana when you use a Skill] and Inspiration, for MoM+EB since we can gain more es than the es spent
+Lots of life nodes on tree
+Since casting traps is self-sufficient on es(gain more es than es spent) it can be used to proc Weave the Arcane [20% chance to Recover 10% of Maximum Mana when you use a Skill] to refill the unreserved mana creating an additional health buffer when co…

POE 3.0 Witch Build Life Based Voltaxic Rift Barrage(Project Abandoned)

This was my work in progress build, however, I'm not happy with the end result. While the build can clear tier 15 and possibly 16 (minus the boss) semi-reliably, it feels squishy and doesn't have the clearspeed that I expected. After testing it with Coil, Cherrubims, Hyrri's, many different bows including Opus, Lioneyes, Voltaxic, spending 200 Regret orbs trying out different setups, and different gem combinations including Lightning Arrow, Shrapnel Shot, Barrage, I can't get it to work as I wanted to.
What's worse, Deadye, Raider or Assassin version would be much stronger (estimated 25% more dps), which means I failed in providing something that would work specifically for the Occultist.

I will leave the thread as it is. If someone wants to continue this idea, or make an updated guide based on this one, feel free to do so but would be nice if you gave the credit.

I won't be updating this thread, gonna start working on something else.

Having said all that, the …

POE 3.0 Templar Build Dual Totem Crit Freeze Pulse Inquisitor

Hi there been playing different variations of this build since Talisman and this is by far the best way to go. I'm moving onto to other builds so gonna share one of my favorite builds since this does not have the best clear speed. It is super safe and can have high or mediocre life pool. Can nearly perma freeze almost everything. Recently just sacrificed around 1500 life for about 75k dps. So you know this build is no where as good with hierophant or any other class the Inevitable Judgment from Ascendancy class makes it where you do not have to use cold penetration and gives you 100% more chance to freeze. Will be doin some videos of boss killing so you can see the potential of this build. I'll most likely be too into playing Prophecy to answer any questions try to follow this guide the best you can.
Important Info gonna play build as league Starter
This build is very cheap can be made with around 5 exalt in currency. Once reach end game and maps lets say around level 70 this…