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Best PoE Chieftain builds for path 2.6

The Chieftain focuses on dealing fire damage. He can do that either by himself or through his totems which benefit from the defensive nodes in this tree. and Great build to start farming Atziri very early, which can make you huge amounts of  poe currency to invest in this build or to fund next, expensive build.

Chieftain builds for path 2.6 Build Pros
Both Softcore and Hardcore viableCheap, all you need is 4-link to get startedDeals huge amount of damage without any expensive itemsVery safe, we get around 200% increased maximum lifeGreat league starting buildYou can easily farm Atziri very early in the leagueTankyChieftain builds for path 2.6 Build Cons
Totem build, some people don't like the playstyleClear speed is slower than most skills, but not by muchBuild uniques / Example rare gear

Right Ring - Two-Stone Ring
High life, some resistances and stats for support gems if you are lacking.

Amulet - Turquoise Amulet
Look for amulet with some spell damage, life and resistances. Build is v…

Best PoE Raider builds for path 2.6

The Raider focuses on maintaining buffs, gaining Frenzy Charges, Onslaught, or Phasing through kills. She can specialize in one of these buffs to enhance its effect, greatly boosting her speed and evasion. Despite what the class icon shows, this class doesn't have any modifiers specific to melee damage, so ranged attacks will receive those bonuses as well.

About Best PoE Raider builds for path 2.6
Insanely fast clearing build due to Raider ascendancy and high movement and attack speed. Low life also allows us to use several auras that are boosted using Prism Guardian for more damage and defense, finding good balance between both. Build is pretty pricey but Legacy league has been going for a while now and item prices have dropped considerably, although this is not a budget build. an in builds process if you need poe currency i suggest website, cheap price fast delivery!

PoE Raider builds for path 2.6 PROS:
Insane clear speed - high damage, moves fast, covers large …

Best PoE Templar builds for path 2.6

The Templar is Path of Exile's strength/intelligence hybrid class, a perfect balance of brawn and wits. He is a skillful fighter, trained in an array of weapons, from the sharpest cutlass to the heaviest two-handed mace. He's also comfortable wielding a shield, either for additional protection or as a deadly bludgeon. In combat, this pious warrior is expert at augmenting his substantial offense with a wide range of magical abilities. The Templar is also adept at taking punishment, and he's happy to be up at the front lines, serving as a martyr and champion for his ranged companions.
The armors associated with the Templar's strength and intelligence are Chainmail Coifs/Helmets, Chainmail/Ringmail, Mesh/Chain Gloves, Mesh/Chain Boots, and Kite Shields.
Path of exile Templar is wizened and gray, but don't let that fool you. His humble clothing hides a powerful, sinuous physique, honed by many years of hard labor and asceticism. Age has granted the Templar an older m…

Best PoE Berserker builds for path 2.6

About poe Berserker
The Berserker's skill tree revolves around bonuses received when being hit, usually in a four second window. These bonuses include life leech, attack speed, movement speed and reduced damage taken. War Bringer benefits the player's warcry skills. This class aims for attack-oriented character builds.

Best PoE Berserker builds for path 2.6 intoviews
Leveling is very smooth once you can equip Brutus’ Lead Sprinklers (at level 28). Damage is insane because of Berserker ascendancy and close to broken leach from Cloaked in Savagery. Bosses drop dead in matter of seconds due to projectile overlapping from molten strike which makes this build excellent boss killer/farmer.

Skill gem setup HelmBlasphemy Support
Flammability Anger Blood Rage Body ArmorMolten Strike or Sunder
Weapon Elemental Damage Support Fire Penetration Support Multistrike Support Increased Area of Effect Support or Concentrated Effect Support Elemental Focus Support GlovesLeap Slam
Blood Magic Supp…

Pay thought paypal no extra fees to buy poe points

Is there any way to pay for points in £GBP? All i can see from the website are options to purchase points in USD. If you make a transaction in USD my bank account will give me a shitty exchange rate and will charge me a fee.
you don't have the steam client but is there a way to purchase points using steam in different currencies? If so, what are the prices?
It's obviously easier for to get the majority of its revenue in USD but it would be nice to have the option of purcasing points in other currencies as other F2P games
you use paypal and mine comes through as GBP. it was free for currencies change!

PoeTradeItemCopy | Copy items from Poe.Trade to Path of Building

PoeTradeItemCopy install 
Go to and install. I am using Google Chrome.
Copy and paste this script into a new file and save.
Check out and a 'Copy' link will show up after the page loads next to the Whisper.
Copy and paste items into Path of Building
PoeTradeItemCopy interview
Copy items from Poe.Trade to Path of Building,use this you can easy copy you want exchange poe currency,poe orbs,and other items form poe.tarde to poe building.
Exactly what I was looking for, thanks man and congrats on your daughter :)

New Guides for POE TS Ranger

First of all you've unfortunately invested a lot on your gems that are not that useful with quality. If you're not sure what the quality of a gem does, look it up in the wiki before you q20 it. Just for your next character.
Then there are pretty cheap things to upgrade your character. Usually 1 manaleech node is enough, you can get 2 points there which could be invested in "Aspect of the Eagle" at the Ranger starting Area. Also, try to get at least one Instant Flasks. These will greatly enhance your survivability.
You can also respec the Heavy Draw cluster and go with the Lioneye's Fall next to the Claw Cluster(Soul Raker).(~10 Chaos Orb)
Your Belt can be switched for a rare Rustic Sash with elemental Damage, life, resistance and if you can get it "%reduced flask charges used". They go for ~10-30c.
I don't know hoe much you like the rampage of your Gloves, but personally i'd switch them to Maligaros Virtousity or Rare Insanity Gripped Gloves, Ma…

10 Path of exile path 2.6 FAQ

1) Is there a possibility to put a certain color of socket into an Item or is all that up to luck?
Use a Chromatic Orb to change the colors of an item's sockets randomly. Once you recruit Vorici into your hideout, you will also gain access to a crafting table which allows you to select which colors you want.

2) In my Skill tree I found a "Jewel Socket" passive. What is that for and is it worth getting?
You can put a special type of item called a jewel in there. Jewels come in magic, rare, and unique variants and can have all sorts of modifiers, so you can use the passive point to get various benefits suited to your character. Whether it's worth it depends on whether you have a good jewel to socket in it.
You get a unique jewel as a reward for a quest in Act 2 by the way.

3) There's Maligaro's Spike in my inventory which I can neither use nor sell. If it's a quest item, do I have to carry it around or may I put it into my stash?
Yes, it's a quest item. K…

Path Of Exile Orbs Guide, How To Make orb in Path of Exile!

While we are the best place to buy POE Orbs online, we know that many of you want to farm your own. Be it to actually use in the game or to sell to us so you can get more cool stuff. Anyway, today we are having a little look at how you can get POE Orbs all on your own.

Make sure you pick up any items that have three different socket colors which are linked together. A vendor will always give you one Chromatic Orb for each item you have!

Chaos Orb recipe! A set of rare items will get you 1 Chaos Orb, a set of unidentified rare items will get you two Chaos Orbs! You will need a weapon and shield (or bow and quiver) head, gloves, body armor, belt, 2 rings, an amulet and a set of boots. This is quite time-consuming, but it can come in handy for new players.

Always pick up any six socket items you come across. A vendor will pay you 7 Jewelers Orbs for each one. So any six socket items you have, we would recommend you use for this purpose.

These are some very basic ways that you can get you…

Some Suggest for a Path of exile beginners

At begin play poeyou seem to be getting a load of orbs/crafting items - items that add sockets, change sockets, add rare attributes.. what do you do with them? are they important? should i be using them now or save them for later?
Crafting items are poe currency in this game. There's no gold/plat/whatever.
Tp/id scrolls will come faster when you get to higher level zones.
Low levels are pretty slow and you're new so might not know what's best to do or to play well.
For a new player, I'd definitely suggest going with a guide to save time knowing the character can be made to perform well enough. Make sure it's not economically expensive or at the very least that there's an effective budget option. (read the comments or post in the thread asking how much it'll run you.)

poe Chaos Orb is the $1 bill, Divine Orb the $20 bill, Poe Exalted Orb the $100 bill, Mirror of Kalandra is the ten thousand dollar bill. Proportions don't match, but the relative value is corre…

Path of exile Customer Support FAQ

How many people work in poe Customer Support team in GGG, how often do you hire new people?
poe currently have 21 staff members in Support, spread across the day and night to ensure 24/7 support for the players. We've recently hired some new staff so poe're not actively seeking more currently, however we always accept and review applications, as you never know when you're going to receive an email from someone who would be an excellent fit!

When is the hardest time for support in terms of amount people's requests: at the beginning of the league/new big expansion or at the end? Returning to players' e-mails, how many of them does customer service get? 
Well, responding to player emails is just one facet of the Support team's job, and it's difficult to put an exact number on the amount of tickets we receive, however I can say that in the month of March we received just below 18,000 new tickets. This number does not include follow-up responses to those tickets,…

Path of exile new player build guide

looks strong. if someone couldn't afford the Atziri's Acuity, would you recommend a different ascendany altogether like Slayer? The appeal that Beserker has over Slayer in your build looks to be the mini-Vaal Pact you have with Acuity when you take a savage hit.and in the build process if you need poe currency you can go to got it!

Why I play the build
I was looking for something MANLY, something FAST and most importantly,
I've played numerous builds but this one gets me pumped while mapping. I feel like a true Berserker that leaps right into packs and obliterates them.
If you like in your face action builds, this is for you.
Ascendancy choice
Right now Berserker seems to be your best bet for a good balance of offence and defence. Leech being our best defence and without Aspect of Carnage, Hegemony's Era with Abyssus might not be enough DPS for the end game bosses.
Slayer used to be a very viable choice too but with the current state of AoE, I fe…

Autohotkey Trade Macro for poe currency trading

PoE TradeMacro is an Autohotkey (AHK) script that provides several convenient QoL features for Poe currency Trading.

This builds on top of PoE-ItemInfo which provides very useful item information on ctrl+c. With TradeMacro, price checking is added via ctrl+d, ctrl+alt+d or ctrl+i. You can also open the items wiki page via ctrl+w or open the item search on instead via ctrl+q.
TradeMacro will be updated to always have the latest PoE-ItemInfo code, you don't have to run their script since it's included here.

Usage / Instructions
Install AHK (
Download the latest release and extract the zip-file.
Make sure to run PoE in (borderless) windowed mode. Otherwise it won't work!
Run Run_TradeMacro.ahk.
Default league is set to tmpstandard (Softcore Temp-League).
A lot of options, including the league can be changed by opening the settings window or editing config_trade.ini.
Make sure to play Path of Exile in english, if you're using a different langu…

Fastest way to farm poe currency in the Legacy Ladders

while you've been successful in Perandus in making tons of poe currency EVENTUALLY (hey, 80 Exalted Orb build in a temp league is a feather in a cap on a personal bar for someone who was playing budget builds the past Legacy league), what I was wondering is this:What's the fastest way to make currency in a new league? Is it still to go with some budget spark build, put on some IIR, and go ham in dried lake? Caustic Arrow? Etc...anyone know of any up-to-date guides that are still worth reading today?
The only thing you will ever need is one high level character who can farm maps easily and safely.Thats all it is really.Currency come by selling what you find doing those maps.
In order to "sell" those things efficently you can follow some tips .

1)Do the chaos recipe , identified or unidentified.
2)Vendor your rares for alts , take elreon to level 5? and buy his jewellers daily , take vorici to level 5? and buy his fuses daily.
3)Set up a shop and BE ONLINE (you either …