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PoE 3.3 Chieftain Build | BLADE VORTEX

3.3 Update:

BV now have 10 blades, it allows us to drop Spell Echo and use dmg gem instead, I think Inc Crit DMG is good.

Once I was searching 3.2 ascendancy changes for whatever reason I immediately loved the Chieftain. His ascendancy talent named "Ngamahu, Flame's Advance" (70% extra fire dmg every 10s looks very awesome) bothered me every single day. And So I wanted for doing things in certain build although not with Molten Strike or Tectonic slam coz I had been tired from auto attackers. And So I made the decision to produce that one. Also, I loved BV but never attempted it, so it's grounds to.

Main part:


-Carcass Jack or Belly of the Beast
-Wise Oak
-Rumi's Concoction
-In offhand statistics (while u have no currency use Divinarius in both weapon slots) - scepter with %inc fire damage and %of Phys dmg as extra fire.
-Diamond and Sulphur flasks.
-Helmet, gloves, boots, belt with life and resists. Try to get a cap of resists with this ones, so u will be able to get accessories with good DPS nodes cheaply.
-Accessories with cast speed, life, crit multi, spell dmg, fire dmg, dexterity (u need 155 and 159 for lvl 21)


6L:BV + Added Fire + Elemental Focus + Fire Penetration + Conc/AoE + Inc Crit Damage (for 5L drop Added Fire)

4L:CWDT + Immortal Call + Summon Stone/Fire Golem + Inc Duration

4L:Blasphemy + Warlord's Mark + Herald of Ash + Arctic Armour

3L:Whirling Blades + FA + Fortify

3L:CWDT + Molten Shell + Enduring Cry

4L:Spell Totem + Scorching Ray + Faster Casting + Inc. Duration

Leveling section:

At start use 3-4L Cleave.

When u will reach 38 lvl, get 4L item with R-R-B-B sockets and use Scorching Ray + Cast While Channeling + Firestorm + Fire Penetration.

When u will get 5L staff or armour u can use Blade Vortex (on 4L SR seems better). I recommend to take "Potency of Will" before. I used BV + Added Fire + Elemental Focus + Fire Penetration + Spell Echo coz i got 1G-2R-2B sockets armour.

Current tree lvl 83:

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