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Best PoE Assassin builds for path 2.6

The Assassin is a offense-oriented class centered around critical strikes. The class offers enhanced crits on full or low life enemies and enhancing their power charges. His tree also has options for damage over time with bleeding and poison with added synergy with critical strikes.

Build mechanic introduction:
PoE Assassin builds Defences:
- The final build has about 350% increased maximum energy shield and 15% "more" energy shield from the skill-tree.
- Huge energy shield pool will prevent one-shots.
- Immune to chaos damage.
- Instant life leech, meaning you are typically able to out-leech incoming damage, even from most bosses.
- 5 utility flasks all granting anything from curse, freeze, and stun immunity, while also allowing you to blind nearby enemies and greatly reduce incoming physical damage.

PoE Assassin builds Reflect Damage
Single reflect mobs and elemental reflect maps are safe. I'd advice to stay away from physical reflect maps. It can be done, but it is sketchy.

Why the Assassin?
- Access to all the basic skill-gems required, making the leveling experience much smoother.
- Free power charge generation via Unstable Infusion.
- Deadly Infusion grants tons of crit chance and multiplier, making it much cheaper and easier to gear compared to other ascendancy classes.
- Free culling strike on crits!

Assassin builds Gearing and stat priorities:
Defensive affixes, in priority:
1. Energy Shield
2. Elemental Resistances (75% on Merciless)
Note: Try to get at least 250 ES on your chest, shield and helmet.

Offensive affixes, in priority:
1. Spell Damage%
2. Inc. Cast Speed%
3. Inc. Critical Strike Chance%

- Inc. Maximum Energy Shield%
- Inc. Crit. Multiplier%
- Inc. Physical/Spell Damage%
- Inc. Area Damage%
- Inc. Elemental Resistances & Attributes if you have a hard time getting it on your gear.

- 1x Surgeon's Stibnite Flask of Staunching.
- 1x Taste of Hate.
- 1x Surgeon's Basalt Flask of Heat.
- 1x Kiara's Determination.
- 1x Surgeon's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline.

Assassin builds Skill-gems and setups:

Damage setup:
- Blade Vortex, Spell Echo, Controlled Destruction, Inc. Area of Effect, Increased Critical Hit Damage (5-link) & Added Fire Damage/Life Leech (depending on preference in your 6-link) <-- This is the link priority.
Note: For bosses add in Concentrated Effect instead of Inc. AoE. |

Defensive Utility Setup 1:
- Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 9), Immortal Call (lvl 11), Summon Lightning Golem (lvl 11), & Increased Duration (max level)

Defensive Utility Setup 2:
- Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 3), Arctic Breath (lvl 6), Vortex (lvl 6) & Greater Multiple Projectiles (max level)
Mobility & Utility:
- Flame Dash, Decoy Totem, Faster Casting & Minion and Totem Elemental Resistances.

Auras & Curse:
- Blasphemy, Warlords Mark & Discipline.
- Hatred in the Essence Worm ring.

Vaal Skills:
Vaal Discipline, Vaal Discipline & Increased Duration.

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