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Path of Exile are the big winners In july

What MMOs did most of the players spend in July? Final Fantasy XIV and the Diablo-like Path of Exile were delighted by the increase.

Final Fantasy XIV and Path of Exile are growing

The fantasy MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV notes in July the extension Heavensward. The game time increased by 65% ​​compared to June. This is enough to climb the PC games from 15 to 13.In the Diablo-like Path of Exile, the season has nearly tripled compared to June. The expansion "The Awakening" appeared in early July and brought a boost, the Path of Exile probably catapulted into the top 20 categories for a tip-time.Even more extreme rose "Terraria", because in July came a new patch and has the playing time nearly six-fold.Once a month, the people of Raptr evaluate the games in which their users spent most of their time. This is on the PC and hourly. The numbers should not be seen absolutely as a "hit list", but as a trend indicator, whether a game is just going up or down and why.The Raptr numbers are still the best indicator, official players numbers in the area simply not.World of Warcraft something recovered, Hearthstone stable, Diablo 3 and HotS weaken

WoW Jaina DalaranWhile the Blizzard titles are running properly in July. 

 For WoW, the effect now is 6.2. Patch, the played hours increased by 20%. How these game hours develop at WoW, until the expansion Legion appears, should be an exciting question for the autumn and winter. New game contents are probably no longer planned.Hearthstone climbs three ranks, but not because they play more, but because the other titles lose more. The card game remains constant, a boost should see it in September, then the new expansion will come to fruition.Diablo 3 was not very popular in July. That should change only in September, then the new season is in full gear. Heroes of the Storm also lost a place, 18% less play time than in June.Ark Survival Evolved is not a one-day Dino, World of Tanks robust
Winners in July are the Dino-MMO Ark Survival Evolved.  

This is not a one-day dino, but in July the popularity of the Raptr users can also be appreciated. World of Tanks also places another place, is now in the top 5.League of Legends hovers above all, Witcher III now free fallThe upswing of World of Tanks and Ark SE is also due to the fact that the strong singleplayer titles of the last months are now losing steam. Witcher III lost about 50% of his playing time compared to June, GTA V gives 17% playing time.

The MOBA Smite is one of the losers with 12% less gaming hours.Speaking of MOBA: The godfather of the MOBA genre League of Legends is once again in completely different spheres than the rest of the titles. Almost a quarter of all the hours of Raptr users unite LoL.
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