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POE Build The Dancing Duo Juggernaut In This Week

In this episode of Develop of your Week, we're showcasing tarpan's create for a Juggernaut that doesn't do a lot killing itself, but as an alternative requires a much more supportive part for the two minions it manifests. It does this by utilizing the fated version of the Dancing Dervish distinctive sword, the Dancing Duo.

Let's take a look at the details of POE3.2 Dancing Duo

I wanted to explore the maximum I can do and reach by utilizing the Dancing Dervish/Duo as the main source of damage, as well as the outcome is this create...

OBS: this is my second develop guide if something is missing, not functioning or want a greater explanation to let me know within the comments.

-Fast Clear Speed
-Cheap To begin
-No 6link things
-Fun and Safe
-Can run ANY map mods
-Active Playstyle

-Leveling is often painful
-Requires Interest
-Some products are usually highly-priced at endgame
-Active Playstyle

Tips on how to Level with Minions
Get started as Witch and level with Raging Spirits.
For talent tree concentrate on getting minion damage and life/es.
ASAP grab Raise Spectres and find a superb spectre.

Excellent Spectres
Act three Solaris: Flame Sentinel
Act eight Solaris: Solar Guard
Minion Harm + GMP + Spell Echo
use Desecrate in weapon swap so you can preserve your specters at a larger level.

How to level as Help
Begin at Witch and level with Raging Spirits.
For talent tree concentrate on acquiring aura nodes and life/es.
ASAP get two dmg auras look to get a public celebration or a friend to carry you.


- Pick out "Commander of Darkness" for the very first ascendancy, this will likely support your resists through leveling and enhance your minions early.

- "Puppet Master" in the cruel lab to boost Minion movement speed

- "Invoker" Life regen for your minions, so they cant, die also rapid

- "Soul Weaver" we're utilizing specters this can be the most beneficial choice to help keep them alive and get some dmg, "Flesh Binder" is not used as well as "Bone Sculptor".

Ability Tree
PoB Lvl 100:
My Current Skill Tree:

- Helmet = Bone helmet with ES and Resists.
also, the bone helmet is str/int base so you could get the colors easier.
- Amulet = Eye Of Chayula or Presence of Chayula.
this is an ES Primarily based character you may need stun immunity.
- Body Armour = Shavronne's Wrappings.
if you cant afford LL just make use of the Beast Fur Shawl or other ES chest with CI, drop two dmg auras and use discipline and purity of components rather.
- Gloves = ES and Resists, if possible chaos resist.
you may also corrupt the gloves to have Elemental Weakness on a hit and save a single socket.
- Boots = Steppan Earth or Elder mod: Unaffected by Desecrated Ground.
The very best it is possible to do for boots is get one elder base and essence of delirium to get immune to poison and also immune to the desecrated ground but is often really high-priced.
- Weapon = Dancing Dervish or Dancing Duo.
at level 59 use Dancing Dervish, when you get Lvl 65 get "Arsenal map" and "Dance of steel" Prophecy, ask a pal or someone in international chat to help you kill the boss.

- Ring = ES, Resists, attributes if possible chaos resist.
The essence of Worry for Minion Movement Speed might be definitely helpful.
- Ring2 = Hungry Loop. Raise Spectre
Minion Harm + GMP + SpellEchoo + Controlled Destruction.
this construct starve for sockets, the ring will not be 100% mandatory but aids ALOT.

-Soul of Lunaris for the mod: Prevent Projectiles that have Chained
maps which have "projectiles chain" can kill you pretty simple with shotgunning

-Soul of Abberath for the mod: Unaffected by Burning Ground
Burning and Desecrated ground are points that hurt your es recharge

Densive Mechanics
Zombies are made use of as a meat shield
-Blind granted by one abyssal jewel apply to All your minions and make enemies miss attacks on you.
-Taunt granted by one abyssal jewel apply to All of your minions and make enemies deal 10% much less damage on you.
-Chill granted by vortex on cwdt setup make enemies slower.

#Rampage is usefull for alot of defensive purposes
1- Detonate corpses in 30, 325 and 520 stacks might help you against Vaal DD and other people corpse effects.
2- Stun enemyes in 15, one hundred and 385 stacks will help you against alot of issues like uncommon mobs, exiles, bosses, essence mobs...and so on
3- 325 Stacks explodes nearby enemies and leave no corpses, can negate the impact of porcupines and other individuals "on death" effects.

Enter within a map, let your spectres/zombies kill 15 enemies so it is possible to start a rampage.
Use Flesh providing and vaal haste, start out running towards the subsequent monsters.
if the rampage timer is low pop one particular Worm flask so you'll be able to hold up, preserve going... repeat...
in the event the map possess a separated boss space i pop a single worm flask prior to entering the area and one particular prior to beginning the fight if i feel vital.
During the boss fight just run about, use vaal haste and flesh offering.
Against Bosses that dont have adds or have lengthy imune phases bring 3 Writhing Jar so it is possible to start out rampage just with all the flasks

Animated Guardian Gear
-Leer Cast = harm aura.
-Dying Breath = damage aura.
-Victario's Flight = movement speed aura.
-Ambu's Charge = share endurance charges when crit.

Q: I dont have sufficient mana to work with Flesh Supplying what can i do?
-Use a reduced level Flesh Offering.
-Dont hyperlink Flesh Offering to increased duration.

Q: Im dying too much, i cant recharge the power shield rapid sufficient how can i solve this dilemma?
-Make certain you have Zealot's Oath Allocated plus the suitable Pantheons.
-Remember to utilize Vaal Discipline.
-Try a further CWDT setup.

Q: My spectres died and i have spell eccho on the hungry loop how can i summon they once more?
-Go to Solaris, Desecrate the solar guard remove raise spectre from the hungry loop, summon every other spectre and leave the solar guard corpse inside the ground, do it two occasions then just place raise spectre back within the Hungry loop and summon two solar guards.

Q: Shavronne's Wrappings is mandatory?
-No. it is possible to go CI and get alot much more ES(but much less dmg).
-You can use Solaris Lorica(when you are crazy enough).

Q: What Bandits Shoul I Opt for?
-Kill ALL

Q: Why i cant make use of the worm flask 3 instances?
you need atleast 33% "reduced flask charges used"
you may get up to 20% within the belt and as much as 20% in the flask

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