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New Guides for POE TS Ranger

First of all you've unfortunately invested a lot on your gems that are not that useful with quality. If you're not sure what the quality of a gem does, look it up in the wiki before you q20 it. Just for your next character.
Then there are pretty cheap things to upgrade your character. Usually 1 manaleech node is enough, you can get 2 points there which could be invested in "Aspect of the Eagle" at the Ranger starting Area. Also, try to get at least one Instant Flasks. These will greatly enhance your survivability.
You can also respec the Heavy Draw cluster and go with the Lioneye's Fall next to the Claw Cluster(Soul Raker).(~10 Chaos Orb)
Your Belt can be switched for a rare Rustic Sash with elemental Damage, life, resistance and if you can get it "%reduced flask charges used". They go for ~10-30c.
I don't know hoe much you like the rampage of your Gloves, but personally i'd switch them to Maligaros Virtousity or Rare Insanity Gripped Gloves, Maligaros are Cheap, the latter are very expensive.
On Rings you should look out for +phys and also elemental damage and life. Can be pretty expensive.
Vessel of Vinktar (Added lightning damage or penetration) will boost your damage and survivability by insane amounts but you will need a shock removal flask and completely change your setup. In this type of build I usually use 1 instant life flask with curse removal, 1 Vessel of vinktar, 1 diamond with shock removal, 1 Quicksilver with freeze removal and 1 Basalt with bleed removal. You can use a Bismuth for Elemental Weakness Maps instead of Basalt.
You save up for a 6l Harbinger with 350+ DPS and try to get as much crit chance, crit multi,elemental damage,+phys(maybe even using steel rings) and life on your other gear.
You can also go for CI but thats some investment of around 10 Poe Exalted Orb, if that's in your budget.
Unfortunately there are only 3 Archetypes of builds that can reliably farm uberlab in the current meta. They rely on either being able to tank the hits and manouver quickly (ED, Warchief totems with high life and mitigation,other CI builds with high dmg and leech), being able to inflict a DoT and run(ST with Mortem Morsu of mathil comes in mind) or trivialize the fight with traps and kill izaro before he does damage. The problem of a bow build is that there is almost no form of mitigation on the side of tree and also it relies on one of the worst movement skills. The other builds can use Leap Slam, Whirling Blades or Shield Charge that don't have a cooldown and scale with attack speed.
Evasion is in a bad spot at the moment. Izaro, when he is superbuffed, aka full key run, hit me for 10k+ already(9.8k ES oneshot), so thats some huge investment into life. CI, imho, is way better to farm izaro, as the dmg can get pretty crazy and its just not worth to invest into life so heavily. A Basalt flask with effectiveness (Alchemist's) can mitigate the dmg to not be oneshot with around 5-6k, so you need a t1 life roll on almost everything.
In Uberlab, lifebuilds that rely on attacking aren't that viable unless you can dodge godly. Your build is rather for chaining shaped strands all day and if you want it to be a bosskiller you should go CI and invest into lowering enemy resistances.
I think the trivialize option could be possible for your build without that much investment, with the right flasks and some resistance reduction. When Izaro comes out of his hole, blink arrow behind him, use mirror arrow so he has another target, use your flasks and get him to the next stage. As soon as he can target you and be able to chase you these type of builds are just to unforgiving to fight Izaro. 1 mistake and you are dead and with 2 seconds cooldown on your escape, mistakes can happen very often.
To get this amount of dmg you need a vinktars, some 330+ DPS harbinger, and an offensive curse.
My opinion to the gloves: I personally don't enjoy the rampage mechanic and value the higher crit chance and some attack speed over it. Unholy Might scales way better with non-Conversion builds, I dont know how much damage boost it gives you, but it's your carachter so play around with what feels good.
You made me wanna play something like this again as a strandgrinder, so I set up some searches for me, maybe you can find some equipment for your self if you swap the numbers a bit.


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