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Best PoE Chieftain builds for path 2.6

The Chieftain focuses on dealing fire damage. He can do that either by himself or through his totems which benefit from the defensive nodes in this tree. and Great build to start farming Atziri very early, which can make you huge amounts of  poe currency to invest in this build or to fund next, expensive build.

Chieftain builds for path 2.6 Build Pros
  • Both Softcore and Hardcore viable
  • Cheap, all you need is 4-link to get started
  • Deals huge amount of damage without any expensive items
  • Very safe, we get around 200% increased maximum life
  • Great league starting build
  • You can easily farm Atziri very early in the league
  • Tanky
Chieftain builds for path 2.6 Build Cons
  • Totem build, some people don't like the playstyle
  • Clear speed is slower than most skills, but not by much
Build uniques / Example rare gear

 Right Ring - Two-Stone Ring
High life, some resistances and stats for support gems if you are lacking.

Amulet - Turquoise Amulet
Look for amulet with some spell damage, life and resistances. Build is very flexible, if you are capped, get cast speed or increased fire damage.

Belt - Leather Belt
Very easy to find and they tend to be very cheap since we don’t have to look for anything specific. Your basic belt with 100+ life and pair it with 70+ resistances.

1Hand Weapon - Apep's Rage
Great wand to have for endgame, chaos damage is really strong on flame totems. Any rare wand with spell damage and cast speed will do just fine till you find or buy Apep’s Rage.

Offhand - Lioneye's Remorse
You don’t have to go with Lioneye’s Remorse, if you are lacking resistances – use any rare shield with high life and resistances.

Jewel - Clear Mind
Since we are going Blood Magic with this build, this jewel is just insane for the build. Huge damage increase.

Jewel - Cobalt Jewel
Stat priority on jewels:
  • Increased spell damage
  • Increased maximum life
  • Increased cast speed
  • Increased fire damage
Eternal Burgonet
Find helm with highest possible life and resistances, nothing extreme here.

Body Armour - Infernal Mantle
Very common and cheap chest piece while providing huge damage. Go with any armour chest till you find or buy one.

Gloves - Winds of Change
Great gloves to have, they increase damage and projectile speed which increases clears speed immensely.

Boots - Titan Greaves
Generic movement speed boots with life and resistances. Try to get pair with 30% MS since gloves are reducing our MS by 10%.

Left Ring - Two-Stone Ring
High life,increased rarity of items found and some resistances. If resistances are already capped, cast speed on rings are sweet too.

Chieftain builds for path 2.6 FAQ
Q: Is Voidheart still good enough for this build in its nerfed form?
A: Yes it is, and still provides a substantial dps boost. However you need to get as much poison chances as possible on its rolls.

Q: Is Starforge a better choice as a Weapon than Disfavour?
A: No its not. It has too many downsides to justify its use. The fact that it cant deal elemental damage and doesnt have +2 to support doesnt justify its about 18% more physical damage. Also it lacks a 100% bleed chance, wich is very important for the nerfed voidheart to reliably apply poison.
Q: Why not go Facebreaker instead of Two Handed Weapons, cause I have seen Facebreaker builds with 2 Million DPS?
A: This build has as much if not much more DPS in the right circumstances. But we scale alot of non-tooltip dps in form of "damage over time". However my tooltip dps can spike up to 600k wich is 1,2 million for both totems.

Q:But isnt Facebreaker a much cheaper, beginner friendly build. Your build has some very expensive uniques.
A: It depends on what you consider cheap. Facebreakers require many unique items that dont have resists. To make the build somewhat tanky and viable for the hardest content you need to have some very expensive rare items wich sometimes surpass the cost of a Disfavour Axe.

Q: But isnt Facebreaker much tankier. After all youre using a Shield?
A: To get DPS going you need to take "Great old Ones Ward", wich has very bad defenses and low block chance. Most uniques in the typical Breaker build have very bad defenses. Facebreaker also involves having the Abyssus Helmet wich lets to take 40% increased physical damage. You need to have some very good pieces of armour to make up for that.

Q: But why do you hate on Facebreaker Builds so much. Are they really that bad?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! They are VERY powerful. The Front Load damage they generate cant be matched by my build. When it comes to farming Uber-Atziri it outshines my build by quite a bit.

Regarding Benchmarks for Bosses:

Q: So when I can I start farming Uber Lab with full Keys?
A: Full key runs can vary a lot in difficulty. Some mods like Conduits or Gargoyles can have alot of oneshot potential. For Uber Lab I would consider about 30k Dps enough to

Q: How much for Uber Atziri?
A: About 90k is enough, but requires double totems at one spot tactics for double vaals and is a very sketchy. Ill recommend more like 120k-140k for safe farming runs.

Q: When can I do Shaper?
A: If you can take down Uber Atziri you should be able to kill Shaper as well. However you need to learn how the fight works, cause its a much more skill based encounter.

How to set your Goals for Endgame:

To get your Character ready for tackling Bosses like Uber-Atziri, Guardians and Shaper you need to know what your investing your hard earned currency for.

Goal 1:
Reach level 90 by using pretty much any good dps Axe you can find for not more than 1-20 chaos

Goal 2:
Start looking for an Axe that has at least 450 dps. This should make you Full Key Uber-Lab farming ready

Goal 3:
Get a 6L Armour (best Brass Dome) or use "Bringer of Rain" as an alternative (check Budget Warchief Section)

Goal 4:
Get your Full Offensive Flask Setup going

Goal 5:
Get a Atziris Disfavour (maybe your can kill her yourself already)

Goal 6:
Get the Full Flask Setup going with Witchfire Brew

Goal 7:
Get yourself a Voidheart Ring with as much Poison Chance as possible and replace the Posion Gem with Rapid Decay

Goal 8:
Get some Corrupted "vulnerability on hit" Verusos Gloves and replace Witchfire Brew with Taste of Hate.


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