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Best PoE Raider builds for path 2.6

The Raider focuses on maintaining buffs, gaining Frenzy Charges, Onslaught, or Phasing through kills. She can specialize in one of these buffs to enhance its effect, greatly boosting her speed and evasion. Despite what the class icon shows, this class doesn't have any modifiers specific to melee damage, so ranged attacks will receive those bonuses as well.

About Best PoE Raider builds for path 2.6
Insanely fast clearing build due to Raider ascendancy and high movement and attack speed. Low life also allows us to use several auras that are boosted using Prism Guardian for more damage and defense, finding good balance between both. Build is pretty pricey but Legacy league has been going for a while now and item prices have dropped considerably, although this is not a budget build. an in builds process if you need poe currency i suggest website, cheap price fast delivery!

PoE Raider builds for path 2.6 PROS:
Insane clear speed - high damage, moves fast, covers large area, crits like a boss!
Can use a lot of different skillgems/attacks and variations, several ascendancy options
Fun to play. This build is fast, aggressive and scales well.
Great build to start with as a new player or in new leagues!
Scaling tree. This build is not designed for a certain wealth level. You can start with it, if you're new and smoothly gear up towards the heavens.
Most best-in-slot unique items are very affordable. Rather easy to get decent gear!
Can clear Atziri and Uber-Atziri!
Several defensive mechanics.
Self-found gameplay possible, uniques are beneficial, but not build-defining.
Can still stack some rarity, great for new leagues.
Clears so fast, you don't even care about enfeeble half of the time!
No mana problems most of the time.
Can run elemental or physical reflect maps, by swapping gems out

PoE Raider builds for path 2.6 CONS:
Sometimes it's hard to upgrade single pieces of equipment, without getting uncapped resists.
Likely needs to pick up a few +INT or +STR notables from the tree.
Reflect can still hurt - but there are countermeasures
Evasion and dodge is not too effective against high physical spikes.

PoE Raider builds for path 2.6 ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE BUILD:
Uber-Atziri kill. ( Done at level 92 with 3 portals left ).
Hundreds of Atziri kills. Capable of reliably clearing apex. Capable of speed-runs.
Cleared all maps with pretty much any mods at very very fast speeds.
Cleared level 80+ maps
Cleared the vaal temple map.
Cleared every single unique map including poojoys, mao kun, death and taxes, lost trove olmecs etc
Reached 500+ forum pages. Thank you for your support guys :)

Build uniques / Example rare gear
Right Ring - Opal Ring
Pretty much look for same stats as previously mentioned ring.

Amulet - Presence of Chayula
Perfect amulet for low life builds – gives us stun immunity and scales our Energy shield from our max life.

Belt - Crystal Belt
Look for high flat Energy shield (at least 40) and resistances. If you have resistances covered, elemental damage with weapons is very good on belt.

1Hand Weapon - Prophecy Wand
Look for wand with at least 65% increased spell damage, at least 10% crit chance and at least 1.5 attacks per second attack speed. Lightning damage to attacks and Crit multiplier are nice bonuses.

Offhand - Prism Guardian
This shield allows us to boost our auras and reserve them using life instead of mana.

Jewel - Build Jewels
On jewels look for (in terms of priority):
1.) Attack speed with wands
2.) Global crit multiplier
3.) Spell damage while holding a shield
4.) Attack speed while holding a shield
5.) Increased spell damage

Flask - Flask Setup
1.) Vessel of Vinktar (Adds lightning damage to attacks version)
2.) Basalt Flask with bleed removal
3.) Dying Sun
4.) Quicksilver flask of adrenaline
5.) Atziri’s Promise or Diamond Flask with freeze removal

Crown of Eyes
Best helm for our build because it allows us to scale our attack damage through spell damage due to it’s unique affix.
Ideal enchantment for this helm would be additional barrage projectiles but that enchant is very expensive, you can also go for increased barrage attack speed.

Body Armour - Shavronne's Wrappings
Chest of choice for mostly any low life build. 5L can work but ideally we should be looking at 6-linked Shavs.

Gloves - Thunderfist
Great gloves because they give us free 5-link for Kinetic Blast, Attack speed and flat lightning damage.

Boots - Sorcerer Boots
Look for boots with at least 170 Energy shield, 30% movement speed and some res if you can get it.
Extremely good enchant would be “Adds 1-160 Lightning damage if you haven’t killed recently” but that’s a luxury.

Left Ring - Opal Ring
Rings are expensive for this build because Opal Ring base is expensive by itself, especially combined with good mods.
On rings look for:
Elemental damage with Weapons, Attack speed, Lightning damage to attacks. Any energy shield mod is great as well.


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