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Fastest way to farm poe currency in the Legacy Ladders

while you've been successful in Perandus in making tons of poe currency EVENTUALLY (hey, 80 Exalted Orb build in a temp league is a feather in a cap on a personal bar for someone who was playing budget builds the past Legacy league), what I was wondering is this:What's the fastest way to make currency in a new league? Is it still to go with some budget spark build, put on some IIR, and go ham in dried lake? Caustic Arrow? Etc...anyone know of any up-to-date guides that are still worth reading today?
The only thing you will ever need is one high level character who can farm maps easily and safely.Thats all it is really.Currency come by selling what you find doing those maps.
In order to "sell" those things efficently you can follow some tips .

1)Do the chaos recipe , identified or unidentified.
2)Vendor your rares for alts , take elreon to level 5? and buy his jewellers daily , take vorici to level 5? and buy his fuses daily.
3)Set up a shop and BE ONLINE (you either need a character in the top 15k for this or setting it up yourself ) .You can set the shop with Procurement, really quick and efficent program.

So if you are into trading I'll give you a few tips. Works every league.
First you have to know how the league develops.
Everybody starts poor...exalts and divines have no use for most people until like week 2. Prophecy will have masters 8 really soon so exalts will value quickier than any past league.
Everything you have should be used to buy those 2 poe currencies until they reach their peak price (usually by week 3, it depends on the league). At this point chaos will be super cheap (close to 70c:1 ex) and you should sell your exalts...maybe consider selling your divines aswell (though you should consider keeping them for crafting big ticket items later). At this point you are set to craft big ticket items and make a lot of wealth out of it.
Second...running atziri early on is really profitable since every item is in high demand. Dropped slink boots on day 1-2? Sell it for one ex (you can charge anything will sell).
Third...You don't really need to farm a lot if you trade efficiently later on in the league (after week 1). Keep an eye for "cheap" items with 2 or 3 t1 prefixes (they pop up eventually), good regal vagan daggers, etc. Many people can't finish crafting, and they sell unfinished pieces for a cheap price.
Level your masters to 8 AND Leo to 3, finish crafting them and triple the price. For example, titanium shields with t1 flat, t1 es% and 18-20% reduced dot can sell for like 20 ex easily mid-league and they are so easily available for you just because you took the time to level your Leo up. Remember your divines? They are super helpful here because Leo 7 is impossible to get early on, the only way to reroll the dot on shields or bows is through divining.


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