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Path of exile Customer Support FAQ

How many people work in poe Customer Support team in GGG, how often do you hire new people?
poe currently have 21 staff members in Support, spread across the day and night to ensure 24/7 support for the players. We've recently hired some new staff so poe're not actively seeking more currently, however we always accept and review applications, as you never know when you're going to receive an email from someone who would be an excellent fit!

When is the hardest time for support in terms of amount people's requests: at the beginning of the league/new big expansion or at the end? Returning to players' e-mails, how many of them does customer service get? 
Well, responding to player emails is just one facet of the Support team's job, and it's difficult to put an exact number on the amount of tickets we receive, however I can say that in the month of March we received just below 18,000 new tickets. This number does not include follow-up responses to those tickets, PMs through the website, or messages through Facebook, which are handled much the same as tickets, so this number would be significantly higher if those were to be included.

if you need poe currency where can i got it? 
first you can trade from or standard trading shops if you did not have poe orbs for trade you can buy poe currency form this is a very nice website to buy poe items, fast delivery and 7x24 online livechat!

What are the most common issues that players have in Path of Exile?
One of the prevalent issues Path of Exile players face is misplacing their pets after a temporary/permanent league merge :-(
Most often, poe find the critters tucked away in a pile of hideout decorations, napping and dutifully waiting for their Exile to return to them. For anyone out there who's lost a pet in the past, check your permanent league hideouts!

Do poe receive threats from players? 
poe've received threats and thanks in the past, however in saying that the threats are few and far between, and the thanks are often :)
As poe've all spent a significant amount of time on the internet, we're mostly impervious to threatening behaviour. In saying that, we are still people and staff abuse is something we take very seriously. Thankfully (hah!), the thanks we receive from players are much more prevalent than the threats, and much more memorable!

What else do path of exile do in Customer Support besides helping gamers with their issues?
One of our biggest tasks is dispatching the physical Atlas of Worlds maps! There's a lot of small, necessary steps in the dispatch process which I won't go into here, but I think what takes the most time is shepherding devs into the Support cave to sign thousands of maps! After that we do our best to get the maps dispatched ASAP, as well as getting the Atlas of Worlds t-shirts sent out from J!nx.
Aside from maps, we also moderate various forums and chat, including the Russian, Portuguese, and Thai forums, as well as the Steam forums and Path of Exile Facebook page.


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