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Some Suggest for a Path of exile beginners

At begin play poe you seem to be getting a load of orbs/crafting items - items that add sockets, change sockets, add rare attributes.. what do you do with them? are they important? should i be using them now or save them for later?
Crafting items are poe currency in this game. There's no gold/plat/whatever.
Tp/id scrolls will come faster when you get to higher level zones.
Low levels are pretty slow and you're new so might not know what's best to do or to play well.
For a new player, I'd definitely suggest going with a guide to save time knowing the character can be made to perform well enough. Make sure it's not economically expensive or at the very least that there's an effective budget option. (read the comments or post in the thread asking how much it'll run you.)

  1. poe Chaos Orb is the $1 bill, Divine Orb the $20 bill, Poe Exalted Orb the $100 bill, Mirror of Kalandra is the ten thousand dollar bill. Proportions don't match, but the relative value is correct. Other currency falls somewhere in there, usually around a Chaos, give or take.
  2. website for trading. Do NOT use trade chat channels.
  3. Loot filter. 99.999% of items in this game are pure garbage. You'll have to sift through 50+ labeled items to find one good drop or more likely that you'll miss it. Loot filters remove the most irrelevant items from view, label items with different background colors, text sizes, and add sounds to valuable drops. Best quality of life change you can make. Neversink's is one of the more popular ones.
  4. If you decide to spend money, first get Premium stash tab bundle for easier trading with and then Currency tab for convenience(currencies have low stack maxes).
  5. Standard is nonseason, League is season. Hardcore is self explanatory. Hardcore chars go to softcore standard when they die. Races are very short leagues, the chars go to standard at the end.
  6. Active gems are skills, support gems are runes. Links don't need to be in order in items. The skill type is on the gem, support gems need to be of the same type of the active skill to affect it. Gems are leveled by being socketed in currently used equipment.
  7. Less/More is multiplicative, Reduce/Increase is additive.
  8. Passive tree has different starting points connected to class, with passives in the general area associated with the flavor of the class. It's for a ton of life/energy shield, with some damage and key nodes, generally.
  9. Classes each have 3 Ascendancies. A subset of more powerful passives with a theme. You unlock them from doing the Labyrinth, which you can access in A3 after doing the trials.
  10. Flasks are potions, and so much more. They use X amount of charges out of Y total amount, charges are regained by killing monsters. They're very useful, if not integral to a character's power.
  11. Maps are rifts.
  12. The currency can be used to craft/roll items. It can also be used on strongboxes(chests that spawn monsters to kill to get loot) and maps.
Also, as a new player, watch out for loot allocations. There's free-for-all, which basically means whatever drops anyone can pick up immediately(those with loot filter and more experienced players have a big edge here). There's short allocation which means items are applied to a specific player for a short time(3-5 secs, don't know exact amount). Then there's permanent allocation which means all loot is player-assigned and doesn't change unless the player leaves the zone. Most use permanent, but some use the former two. As a new player(and as an experienced player, myself), you should go with permanent allocation and keep it in mind when grouping.


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